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  • August, 2008

Archive for August, 2008

  • Abruzzo’s Majella National Park

    30th August, 2008

    Posted in Italy andAbruzzo

    Buying property in Abruzzo has numerous advantages. Apart from the relatively cheap cost of property in Abruzzo, one can also marvel at one of the stupendous wonders of nature in this part of Italy. Because almost like a large wall facing the Adriat...

  • The Italian mining tragedy of Marcinelle

    29th August, 2008

    Posted in News from Italy

    It's a tragic story few even in Italy are seemingly aware of – on the night of 8 August 1956, 262 mainly Italian workers were killed in a mine collapse in Marcinelle, Belgium. Now the horror has been vividly brought back to life in La Catastrofa, a ...

  • Rome's new theme park

    16th August, 2008

    Posted in Lazio

    The Pantheon, St Peter’s Basilica and Square, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps…Rome boasts an infinite number of attractions that highlight its centuries of unrivalled history, tradition and culture. It remains one of the major at...

  • Italy’s Alitalia crisis

    14th August, 2008

    Posted in Italy andNews from Italy

    The news gets little better for Italy’s ailing Alitalia. The Italian state airline saw the number of passengers it carried in the first half of 2008 fall 16 per cent compared with the same period in 2007. European airline chiefs point to the depress...

  • The Stiffe Caves of Abruzzo

    13th August, 2008

    Posted in Italy andAbruzzo

    If you are thinking of buying property in Abruzzo, Italy, or have already done so, you will know of this beautiful region’s boundless attractions. Property in Abruzzo is among the cheapest in all Italy, with prices frequently a fraction of those else...

  • Property in Sardinia

    8th August, 2008

    Posted in Italy,Sardinia andProperty

    Overseas investors in Italy tend to dream of an idyllic property in Tuscany. For millions of Italians, on the other hand, the dream is of buying a holiday property in Sardinia. Sardinia, 70 miles off the coast of Tuscany, has a distinct culture and a...

  • Soldiers patrol Italy’s streets

    6th August, 2008

    Posted in Italy

    Visitors to Italy have begun facing the sight of squaddies patrolling streets as 1,000 were deployed in major cities. It is the first step in a €25 million, six-month exercise that will see 3,000 troops used across Italy in anti-crime measures promi...

  • The Italian property market: a great time for buyers

    4th August, 2008

    Posted in Italy andProperty

    There has rarely been a better time to buy Italian property, a new report reveals. The worldwide credit crunch has seen buyers knock a massive 12.2 per cent off the asking price of a typical Italian property for sale. In parts of southern Italy, that...

  • Property in Florence

    1st August, 2008

    Posted in Italy,Property andFlorence

    Tuscany is spoilt for treasures but the jewel in the crown is undoubtedly Florence. This amazing Renaissance city is the No1 destination for visitors to Tuscany and has something for everyone. As well as the timeless appeal of Florence’s world-famo...