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Archive for the ‘Culture’ Category

  • Michelangelo crucifix has experts cross

    25th May, 2009

    Posted in Culture

    It’s nowhere near as well-known as the scenes from Genesis on the ceiling of Rome’s Sistine Chapel or the statue of David in the Accademia Gallery in Florence. But a miniature depiction of Christ is, for the time being at least, Michelangelo’s most...

  • The allure of Abruzzo

    23rd May, 2009

    Posted in Abruzzo andCulture

    For hundreds of years the region of Abruzzo has been one of Italy's most isolated – and the signs are there to see. The region couldn't be more different from Rome, despite being less than a couple of hour’s away by car. In Abruzzo, gone is the f...

  • Gaiole, Tuscany: The best place in Europe to live

    8th May, 2009

    Posted in Tuscany andCulture

    It's deep in the heart of Chianti but you would be forgiven for never having heard of it, overshadowed as it is by the likes of Siena 28km away and Arezzo and San Gimignano, both 55 km distant. But the small town of Gaiole – or Gaiole in Chianti to ...

  • Volterra: The allure of Tuscany's hidden gem

    5th May, 2009

    Posted in Tuscany andCulture

    Nearby San Gimignano may be the one to which the foreign tourists flock in their thousands every summer. But there are many astute visitors who have been to this part of Tuscany and will insist Volterra, 12 miles away, is just as appealing, if not ...

  • Is the kitchen vanishing from Italian homes?

    20th March, 2009

    Posted in Property andCulture

    Technorati Tags: Real estate italy,real estate,homes for sale in italy,property in italy,property for sale in italy,kitchens Is the idea of the traditional Italian kitchen about to become as passé as last week's pastaciutta? Increasingly, many af...

  • Just what are Italians doing to English?

    4th December, 2008

    Posted in Culture

    One of my many duties at involves translating into English the property descriptions we receive from Italian estate agents. One issue that crops up frequently and – initially at least – puzzled me no end (apart from the ...

  • Padua (Padova), Veneto

    24th November, 2008

    Posted in Venice andCulture

    Too often it is overlooked by the tens of thousands of tourists who flock to Venice, some 25 miles east. But the stunning medieval city of Padua (Padova to Italians), famed for its art, university and architecture, boasts countless attractions in it...

  • Property in Tuscany: Pontremoli, Lunigiana

    15th November, 2008

    Posted in Tuscany andCulture

    Tuscany is Italy’s most visited region and draws tens of thousands of visitors each year to meccas such as Florence, Pisa, Siena, Chianti and Cortona. But there are numerous parts of the region neglected by visitors and investors looking to buy prop...

  • Leivi, Liguria

    11th November, 2008

    Posted in Culture andLiguria

    The picturesque town of Leivi, on Italy’s Liguria coast, lies in the Rupinaro valley – itself wedged between the coastal town of Chiavari and the Fontanabuona Valley. From a distance Leivi appears carpeted in olive groves and it is little surprise...

  • Asinara Island, Sardinia

    10th November, 2008

    Posted in Sardinia andCulture

    Such is its rare beauty that it is sometimes hard to believe that up until 10 years ago the Island of Asinara was little more than a penal colony and before that a quarantine reserve for diseased seamen. Now this isle, barely 20sq miles in area and ...