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Archive for the ‘Umbria’ Category

  • Property in Umbria: An investor's guide

    10th April, 2009

    Posted in Umbria andProperty

    Tuscany is invariably the No1 choice of buyers who consider entering the property in Italy market. However, its neighbour to the east, Umbria, is increasingly winning investors over as it has not suffered from Tuscany's decades of inexorably rising p...

  • Perugia’s Eurochocolate fair is sweet success

    25th October, 2008

    Posted in Umbria,News from Italy andCulture

    Rome and Turin are the more famous tourist hotspots, but their chocolate fairs in February and March next year have a tough ‒ if sweet – act to follow. Perugia’s Eurochocolate 2008, which ends on October 26, has shown why it is arguably the continen...

  • Property for sale in Umbria for under £250,000

    30th July, 2008

    Posted in Umbria

    The lure of owning property in Umbria isn’t too hard to fathom. The region proudly calls itself the green heart of Italy and with good reason. Landlocked Umbria is located right in the middle of Italy, ideally placed to reach Tuscany to the west, Em...

  • The allure of Umbria

    22nd May, 2008

    Posted in Italy andUmbria

    The allure of UmbriaSome fiercely proud Umbrians will tell you there’s a reason that this scenic region’s name is similar to ombra, Italian for shadow, as they are convinced they have been unfairly cast in the shadow of their neighbours Tuscany. Umb...